The carpentry trade is utilized in many varied ways throughout most home build and improvement projects. It is a field that has become increasingly specialized as carpenters have chosen to narrow their area of expertise. This benefits consumers as professionals who are truly experts in their field offer a range of carpentry services. But it often complicates matters when many different people and teams need to be researched, hired and supervised. Your general contractor can offer a cost and time effective solution by hiring and managing the various carpenters that you will need to bring your project to completion. Your project may require one or more of the following:

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•    Framing repair and installation
•    Beam construction and installation
•    Closet construction
•    Cabinet and countertop build
•    Storage area build and organization
•    Built in furniture construction
•    Interior trim installation and repair
•    Wood stair and railing installation and repair
•    Decorative molding construction, installation and repair
•    Deck or porch construction and repair
•    Disability ramp build and repair
•    Interior and exterior door installation and repair
•    Fence construction, installation and repair
•    Dock system build, installation and repair
•    Shed, gazebo and outbuilding construction and repair
•    Wood or fiber-cement siding installation and repair
•    Exterior trim installation and repair

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